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    Mr. Soo Hoo, born in San Francisco, CA, is a former chess prodigy turned Political Economist (MA) with a background in Law & Community Organizing

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  • Mr. Soo Hoo

    Mr. Soo Hoo has also been phtotographed in GQ.

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Snapshot of Mr. Soo Hoo

Mr. Soo Hoo, born in San Francisco, CA, is a former chess prodigy turned Economist with a background in Politics, known for advising and organizing Conservative Youth Outreach Organizations while in College. Mr. Soo Hoo cut his teeth in the Tea Party movement, including running the Tea Party Patriot's youth outreach organization, often crediting Former Senator Jim DeMint for his inspiration behind public service, and shift from a career in chess.
Still 24, Mr. Soo Hoo earned a MA in Economics at George Mason University, studying under Mecatus Scholars, and is finishing his last year of Law School. He essentially is everything the mainstream media says is not supposed to exist: he is a young, asian american, conservative, with several advanced degrees, from the San Francisco Bay Area.
Mr. Soo Hoo has also been photographed in GQ.

About Mr. Soo Hoo

University Club

January 2017

Mr. Soo Hoo honoring Ms. Laurence, a fixture of the DC Community, who served at the University Club for 50+ Years.

September 11 - Never Forget

September 2012

Mr. Soo Hoo placed 2977 flags in the Ground in Honor of those who lost their life on September 11, 2001.

Helping Out

September 2015

Mr. Soo Hoo helping out the community helping give back.

Meet Jonathan

Mr. Soo Hoo is a Political Economist, known for his award-winning poltical activism on college campuses across the country while in college, cut his teeth in the tea party movement. Upon completion of his college career, he achieved a Masters in Economics at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia, learning Economics from Liberty-minded Mercatus Scholars & is finishing is in the last year of Law School at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. He has provided both Economic and Political insight on Fox New Radio.

  • Background
  • Political Organization
  • Economic Analysis
  • Conservative Philosophy

  • Background

    Mr. Soo Hoo was born in San Francisco, California. In his youth, Mr. Soo Hoo was frequently regarded as an up and coming chess player, frequently ranked among the top juniors and often compared to one of his good freinds & Chess Olympiad Gold Medalist, Sam Shankland. In high school, Mr. Soo Hoo felt a calling toward public service, and community organizing, walking away from a potential career in chess and pursuing academics, with an eye toward helping his country.

    Mr. Soo Hoo began attending UC Davis in 2010, graduating with a Bachelor in Political Science in 2013, taking 25 and 27 units in 2 of his last 3 quarters to graduate early. Then, Mr. Soo Hoo Graduated with a MA in Economics in December 2015, from George Mason University, finishing his last semester while concurrently enrolled in the first year of Law school. He is expected to graduate from Law School at the newly-renamed Antonin Scalia Law School in May 2018.

    Education Summary:

  • UC Davis, Political Science, (BA, 2013)
  • George Mason Univeristy, Economics, (MA, 2015)
  • Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason, Law (JD, 2018, Expected)

  • Political Organization

    In College, Mr. Soo Hoo received his start in Political Activism when the College Republicans recruited him after watching him keep Liberal Professors at UC Davis honest all semester long, asking him to serve as Secretary of the College Republicans. Beforelong, Mr. Soo Hoo resigned his position with the College Republicans to pursue a statewide coalition for a 2012 Republican Presidential Campaign: under his leadership, Mr. Soo Hoo built the largest statewide student activism group in the nation, regardless of candidate or state in California, a state that is not normally friendly to Republicans.

    After leading the Student movement in California, the Young Tea Party Patriots, and Tea Party Students both asked Mr. Soo Hoo to unify their student activism movement, and lead them to new horizons. Under Mr. Soo Hoo, the Tea Party Youth Movement grew from 5 college chapters to 30 statewide leaders, and eventually merged with the Tea Party Patriots. In 2013, Mr. Soo Hoo, despite being asked to serve another year as its leader, stepped down from leadership, and was asked by a candidate for Governor to run his Student outreach movement, which the candidate still credits for reaching young people early in the campaign.

    On Campus, after his resigning from the College Republicans, Mr. Soo Hoo also founded a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, which, under his leadership, was the most active Conservative Group on campus in its inaugural year. This activism awarded him Young America's Foundation's Club 100 award for the nations top Conservatie activists. Mr. Soo Hoo often credits his chess training and ability to see trends before they happen for his success building successful grassroots organizations.

    Most recently, Mr. Soo Hoo served as a senior adviser to the national chairman for Students for Rubio, which became the largest student outreach organization of all 2016 Presidential Campaigns. Mr. Soo Hoo, did not endorse Mr. Rubio, however, and resigned his position to support and campaign for the eventual nominee.

    Economic Analysis

    Mr. Soo Hoo has frequently contributed his knowledge of economics, and incentives on Fox News Radio analyzing how current public policy or bills will impact the incentives of individuals and the potential economic consequences of the bill.

    He received his MA in Economics from George Mason receiving training in Public Choice theory, development economics, and Adam Smith. He wrote his final paper at George Mason on Adam Smith's impact on the Framers (75 Pages), which he intends to turn into a book. Mr. Soo Hoo often quotes FA Hayek, saying,

    "Nobody can be a great economist who is only an economist—and I am even tempted to add that the economist who is only an economist is likely to become a nuisance if not a positive danger."
    Mr. Soo Hoo believes the foundation of good policy is good economic theory: his analysis of Smith and Developing nations gave him a unique insight into what makes nations prosperous and what makes other nations remain in poverty. He applies this understanding and background in his political and economic commentary.

    Conservative Philosophy

    Growing up in the San Francisco-Bay Area attending public school, Mr. Soo Hoo found himself the only conservative in the entire school. That experience prepared him to defend his conservative values. Mr. Soo Hoo's Conservatie philosophy is grounded in liberty, which works concurrently with sound economics.

    Conservatism, Mr. Soo Hoo often says, is this reverence to the original ideas of the Framers, and their understanding of human nature an incentives. It goes back to Federalist 51, when Madison wrote, "If Men were Angels, no government would be necessary; if angels were to govern men, neither internal nor external controls would be necessary."

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